Couples photographer in the Colorado mountains, near me.

When was the last time you had professional photos taken with your significant other? I imagine it’s been a minute! (Or maybe never?)

Maybe you are recently enganged!

Whatever the case, I would love to be your photographer!

Photos with your partner are so fun. Get dressed up, put that lipstick or tie on and make it a date. Do you want to have a wine and cheese picnic on the beach? We can do that! Do you want photos from the top of a mountain? Let’s do it!

I use a mix of posing and playful prompts to help you both enjoy the session and capture sweet moments like the ones below. A few of my favorites are snuggle up and one of you will whisper your least favorite chore in your best french accent into the other’s ear (this gets the best smiles!) or surprise hug the other from behind– see the photos below for a great example of this.


50+ photos
1 hour
$300 + tax

A photo session with your partner should (and can!) be a fun, laughter-filled date night resulting in photos that visualize your love.


Take $50 off if you book on a weekday, daytime! This does not apply during the summer.

Contact me to book your date night and let’s get planning!